Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup Comments

Like I mentioned a couple days ago, this year's Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup starts in about 2 weeks, on Thursday, March 12, through the weekend.

I have about 3 dozen videos on YouTube. Of those one gets more comments than any other, that being the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup video. People are so opinionated about Sweetwater and those snakes.

Below is a sampling of those comments, and below the comments I'll stick in the YouTube video, again, that they are all commenting on...

chip131313 commented:
out of all the venues to hit,why cant terrorists blow one of these events sky high so we can see a bunch of inbreds losing their skins.good goin morons.lets keep sucking our natural resources,just,like the dirty mexicans.we are no better when we see representations like this.

azyaninvasion commented:
They have Rattlesnake roundups in Sacramento, California too. I just never really been bothered with them getting killed in these events. Rattlesnake meat does taste good and their skins makes for great wallet, boots, and whatever you could make out of them.

muquesko commented:
hay don't kill us rattlesnakes humans kill just as much as we do.

hatchlingcopperhead commented:
just a bunch of toothless hicks getting some kicks out of killing beautiful animals.

gnigged68 commented:
I bet there's going to be some 'an heroes' in the milk pit, lol.

lukeinarizona commented:
lol@3:03...woulda been more entertaining to see it bite the dancing dude to waltz music.

acetharula28 commented:
thats sad i love rattlers. mine arnt a threat to me. just dont mess with them.

thatcaliguy311 commented:
If you have ever had fresh ranch chicken it's close. It depends on how it's prepared. Either way it tastes a little gamey. The meat is firm and flakey. Great tasting lean meat.

jonmarc1980 commented:
Rattlesnake is just another white meat which most people associate with chicken. It has a different flavor. If ever going through Amarillo Tx the Big Texan Steak Ranch (tourist trap) has it on the menu.

HANKEYMAN45 commented:
i bet this would be seen as cruel if they did it with puppy or kitterns or any thing fluffy,,, so why not rattlers!?!?! >:(



*may seem harsh... but i am.

jbmorr03 commented:
When a baby gets aborted you Liberal Wackos do flips - are snakes more important that unborn humans?

CroDalm commented:
What a bunch of rednecks.

leotheroach commented:
Rattlesnakes are relatively slow to mature, have only modest litters, and are already adversely affected by habitat destruction and persecution. These events remove thousands of animals, including large numbers of reproductively mature animals. Since rattlesnakes are an apex predator, a sudden decline in their population could have ecological consequences, particularly for the rodents they typically feed on.

dumdeedum2 commented:
I hate hate hate snakes. But this annual event - especially the snake taunting - seems very cruel and unnecessary.

FuzzyLogic0101 commented:
Animal abuse. . .period! These people have no idea what impact on the environment this causes. For that matter the thought never crossed their mind about the environment.

DNR001 commented:
It amazes me how people can spend one day torturing and making a mockery out of some of God's most fascinating animals and wake up and go to church the next day. Not only are rattlesnake round-ups cruel and inhumane, they are also very destructive to the environment. Habitats are thoughtlessly destroyed. Gasoline is sprayed into dens and burrows, driving snakes out, but this also kills many other animals that use them as shelter. Humans use and abuse this snake for their entertainment.

yikeroo3 commented:
Okay, I do not like snakes. This event is very creepy to me.

idn commented:
Pathetic display. Get bitten please.

tjensensandiego commented:
what is wrong with these perverts?

garter10895 commented:
this rattlesnake roundup is a sick sick ****ing thing you all know what causes sickness in food right, its mice and rats, which they eat, and of your worried about them remember that hawks eat them, and this is inhumane, and soon they will shut it down!!!

To which FuzzyLogic0101 commented:
I definitely understand and feel garter10895 anger on this, It's disturbing. I unfortunately live in Alabama where they hold one of these horrid events. It's in Opp, Alabama. The name is about the same size of the town. Morons...

And finally avbiker commented:
jus to say first no they cant use the venom for anti venom its 3 different snakes in one jar and its not steril and its crule lets see how many snakes we can slaughter heres a cool show they could try bring out there inbred hick kids and see how frickin deformed they are thats a good show.


Proud to be a Hick said...

I've gotta comment on the comments. A lot of them seem sort of pot calling kettle black types, calling the snake people hicks and rednecks and managing to make themselves sound like hicks and rednecks while doing so.

Anonymous said...

Like them or not, rattlesnakes do keep the rat population under control. I suppose when the good folks of Sweetwater start running low on snakes, they can start a rodent roundup. Rat meat looks like chicken, too.

Anonymous said...

Well,I would like to comment on some of the comments. First of all, most of the people that have commented are probably hypocrits. What about all the meat that you eat? I hate to tell you that the meat you eat was once on an animal that was alive. Second of all, the snake was first talked about in the bible as being a sign of the devil, and that is one of God's beautiful creatures? I don't think so. Next, the amount of snakes that they do end up with are minimal compared to how many are actually around that part of the country. Finaly, I would like to see some of you city pricks go to this part of the country that is overrun with rattlesnakes and have yourself or a loved one get bit. Would it be torture to kill it then? What if your child got bit and his/her body shut down before help could be given, would you still feel the same way? They kill dogs or other animals that kill a human, but that shouldn't be carried over to snakes as well? Leaving them alone is not going to keep them from biting you. Sometimes you don't know they are there. If you are near one and don't even know it, they may feel threatened and attack. So just think about that a little.

Anonymous said...

Im garter10895. What we have seen in the past is that when you take out an entire spieces of animal from a specific area, is the decline of many other species then the area is virtually dead. These snakes are not out to get us. They are beautiful animals, and not particually aggressive. They do warn before they bite.If you want to stop rattlesnakes to biting people, then stop messing with them. I believe it is 70% of people who are bitten are drunk and a very large amout of people that are bitten, are bitten when they are trying to kill it.

Durango said...

garter10895---I agree with you. My one and only rattlesnake encounter, and it was a big one, that snake was shaking its tail well in advance of me getting near it. I think the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup should be stopped.

samsquatch69 said...

This is in response to the anonymous prick who Talks about the snakes being a sign of the devil...F#$k YOU. Now I'm not Christian (actually I'm far from it) but I do know that god said his favourite thing to look at on earth was a snake basking on a rock. I would like thank you though for openly broadcasting your monumental ignorance in front of everyone you F#$!ing inbread hick. If there was such thing as heaven then I can assure you you would not be allowed entry. They should have redneck roundups.