Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dallas Morning News' Ice Storm Delivery

Well. I was wrong. In the blogging previous to this one I said I didn't think my Dallas Morning News paper would be able to be delivered this morning due to the coating of ice on the roads.

I was wrong. It arrived. Almost on time. Usually the paper thumps my front door between 6 and 6:30. This morning's thumping occurred about 7.

The sun is up. I am able to look out my window now. Hours of the furnace blowing hot air has melted the ice off the window.

I'll see if I can revive my comatose camera long enough to get an Ice Storm picture....I'll be right back, hopefully with a photo....

Well. That didn't work. My camera appears to be unable to be revived.

So, I used my camcorder to take video and extract a picture. Those never turn out too good. This time was no exception. But you can see the white ice that covers our roofs here in Texas this morning.

I think I'll layer on some clothes and venture out to see if the road out of here is drivable. If not a meeting at noon will likely have to be cancelled.

Well. I'm back from venturing outside to check on how bad it is. I made it to my vehicle to find it covered in ice. The road appears to have about an inch of ice covering it. I saw two vehicles moving, very very slow, on the road. It is quiet out there, almost eerie. Usually it is quite noisy.


FortWorthGuy said...

I am here in Fort Worth and things are moving slowly. People seem to be driving moderately this morning, and by that I mean not much activity in my neighborhood. It got a lot colder than I expected it to...21 degrees per the television this morning.

Durango said...

It was 21 when I first saw the temp this morning on WeatherBug, then it dipped one more degree. Has now risen to 23. I'm thinking due to it getting colder than the forecast, that the big melt is going to take longer than the previously predicted mid-morning.

Don Young said...

As a former paper boy for the FW Press and the S-T, I can assure you that they always deliver, regardless the weather. Some of the most miserable mornings of my life were spent delivering the news at 4 am, with rain and ice in a bad part of town when I was 13 - 14 years old. Strangely, some of my most memorable mornings were doing the same thing, when the weather was nice.