Saturday, January 27, 2018

Wishing I Was At Disneyland With Theo & Ruby

UPDATE: Though the initial Disney diagnosis was food poisoning from tainted salmon, it is now thought possible David's sickness was a bout of influenza, due to his mother coming down with the flu within 24 hours of returning home.

With their big brother, David, trying to recover from food poisoning, after eating some tainted Disneyland salmon at the Blue Bayou at Pirates of the Caribbean, the twins, Theo and Ruby soldiered on, trying to make the best of their suddenly sick trip to Disneyland and Disney California.

While David was being treated for being poisoned, Theo and Ruby went swimming in the Grand Californian pool.

And took the photo you see here, to send to their favorite uncle, verbalizing the wish that he was there.

Theo, Ruby and David called me about a month ago, asking me to go to Disneyland with them. Had I gone along with that plan I can see how it may have been useful to have me there whilst David was busy recovering from being poisoned by tainted salmon.

I woke up my phone this morning to find a text message telling me that David was able to get vertical for a short duration, last night, but quickly got horizontal again to continue recovering whilst being bed bound.

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