Friday, January 26, 2018

David Sick From The Disneyland Salmon Food Poisoning Ride To Urgent Care

UPDATE: Though the initial Disney diagnosis was food poisoning from tainted salmon, it is now thought possible David's sickness was a bout of influenza, due to his mother coming down with the flu within 24 hours of returning home.

I had a feeling something was amiss when I did not hear from David, Theo and Ruby's mom yesterday after she'd recovered from yesterday's Disneyland visit. I'd asked my sister a question, to which she answered that she would ponder and get back to me later.

This afternoon, 24 hours later, a text messaged arrived which quickly made obvious why I'd not heard back, til this afternoon.

Yester evening, dinner was had at a Disneyland restaurant, the name of which I have not yet been told. David loves seafood. David had salmon.

Later, back in their Grand Californian hotel room, in the middle of the night, as in around 2 in the morning, David began being sick.

And proceeded to throw up multiple times.

Soon the hotel nurse insisted David be taken immediately to an urgent care emergency facility.

David is now back in the Grand Californian, sleeping.

The hotel is comping David, Theo, Ruby and their parental units brunch. Somehow I think Disneyland needs to come up with something more than brunch for tainted salmon which pretty much wreaked havoc with a visit to Disneyland.

UPDATE: David's Disney salmon dinner was had at the Blue Bayou in the Pirates of the Caribbean zone. It was a combo dinner and show deal with good seats after the salmon at Fantasmic. David enjoyed both dinner and show, and then hours later, as my sister put it, "Barforama". David is currently medicated and not yet perked up to his usual perky self.

I hope David recovers real quick and gets back to full Luke Skywalker light saber wielding mode before it is time to board a plane back to Washington...

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