Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Today Mom Is Having A Happy Arizona Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday, if I am counting correctly, and I usually do, if the arithmetic is simple, my mom's birthday number today is 85.

On my way to downtown Wichita Falls I called mom to do the Happy Birthday phone call.

I got the answering machine. Mom is such a gadabout.

So, an hour later, when I was leaving downtown Wichita Falls I called mom again. Still not home.

I then called mom's regular chauffeur, my sister Jackie, to ask if she knew where mom was currently located.

Out in the car was the answer. That was the exact same answer I got the last time I called my sister to ask if she knew where mom was.

A couple minutes later my sister handed off her phone to mom so I could do the Happy Birthday thing.

My mom is expecting a visitor in a few days, so mom and my sister were out and about getting supplies for the incoming visitor.

In the photo above you are looking at my mom, a couple months ago, enjoying Thai food for the first time. In this case Pad Thai. David, Theo and Ruby's mom was in town for a couple days and at one point when the lunch hour arrived asked if mom was feeling adventurous, culinary-wise.

Yes was the answer. The question was asked because my sister saw a Thai restaurant at their present location where they'd gone shopping for some special item the precise nature of which I have now forgotten.

I am thinking I have mentioned mom and Thai food before.

Anyway, the last time I was in Arizona, on my last day in town, I was asked where I'd like to go eat on the way to the airport. I said Thai sounded good. This soon turned into a series of a sort of Abbot and Costello Who's on First type exchanges, which eventually lead to Chinese food at the Big Wa in Tempe where I had Moo Goo Gai Pan, rather than Pad Thai.

I suspect I will be having Thai food in Arizona at some point in time in February. That and maybe a McDonald's fish sandwich, likely in Maricopa.

Today I learned a bike has already been delivered to where I will be staying in Arizona. And mom told me they are having a winter heat wave. So swimming is also on the menu, along with that fish sandwich and Pad Thai.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, mom, see you in a few days...

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