Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Visiting Swan-Like Possible Pelican On Lake Wichita

That which you see here I saw yesterday floating on Lake Wichita. I was on top of Lake Wichita Dam, on the Circle Trail, and as soon as the lake came into view I saw what looked like a big swan, with no other birds of the same feather anywhere to be seen.

The photo does not quite make this bird look as swan-like as it looked upon initial visual perusal. When I got the photo off the camera and in computer screen view, and saw that big beak, the big beak had me figuring this must be a pelican, but I'm sort of bird ignorant, so I really don't know. Maybe it is a swan.

Yesterday I thought this morning I would be navigating my motorized travel means to the Dallas/Fort Worth metro mess, specifically to Haltom City. But by the time last night's evening arrived that trek to D/FW was postponed a week.

Three days after next Wednesday's drive to D/FW I will be flying back to D/FW on a little plane to switch to a bigger one to fly to Phoenix for about a month long stay. I am looking forward to being warm in the outer world, and swimming in a heated pool.

And going to the Maricopa McDonald's to have a fish sandwich with Penny...

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