Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Betsy Price Fantastic Friend Trump Fort Worth Sewer Flood Fix

It seems like just yesterday we blogged about the latest insanity from the Fort Worth Zone of Delusion, with that delusion provided by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Then Elsie Hotpepper pointed us to an indication the delusion pathology is spreading to other D/FW news sources.

Such as NBC DFW.

NBC DFW is the DFW NBC TV local affiliate. In a "news" story from that source titled  Trump Praises Fort Worth Mayor, How It Could Help City we learn several surprising things.

Such as....

Fort Worth is in the national spotlight as President Donald Trump calls Mayor Betsy Price a "fantastic friend." This week, the president singled out Price, thanking her for attending the U.S. Conference of Mayors and thanking her for her long friendship.

Oh my, you just can not make up idiotic nonsense this idiotic. You out in the non-delusional non-Fort Worth part of the nation, had you noticed Fort Worth being in the national spotlight? Because Trump called Betsy Price a "fantastic friend".

A fantastic friend.

A fantastic friend who Trump thanked for her long friendship.

Proof please.

Has Betsy been to Trump Tower? Overnighted in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House? Lunched with Melania or any of the previous wives? Been told she reminds Trump of Ivanka? Trump never lies or makes up stuff, so he and Betsy must really be longtime fantastic friends. They probably exchange Christmas cards and call each other on their birthdays, because, you know, that's the type thing fantastic friends do.

And then this doozy from Trump's fantastic friend...

"I was proud the president recognized Fort Worth during his remarks. With a potential $1.8 trillion infrastructure package on the table, it's good to be noticed, and we are ready to get to work," Price said in a statement.

So, the local grifter thinks Fort Worth may get itself some graft from her fantastic friend, the grifter in chief.

Others opined about all that could be done in Fort Worth with the money Betsy is going to get from her fantastic friend...

Some in the city would like to see federal money go to solving an aging sewer and drainage system. "We can use the money in this area to fix the infrastructure," Irwin said. "The streets flood when it rains really hard." Irwin said the water comes up to their curb on Hulen Street, but the problem gets even worse further down the street. "It's a valley down there near Central Market. It really floods. Cars can't get through there. They drown out the cars," Irwin said. "Water would be up to the window of a small sports car."

We do not know who this "Irvin" person is or why this "news" story suddenly switched to quoting this Irwin person's hopes as to what can be done with all this money Betsy is going to get from her fantastic friend. Irvin does give you a good idea of what sad shape Fort Worth is in, and how dire need of help the town is.

The "news" story then switches to quoting a person named Wiggins with her thoughts about how dire the needs are in Fort Worth for Betsy's fantastic friend's incoming federal aid...

"The cars just come flying through here and pushes the water up. It's crazy," stylist Tara Wiggins added. Wiggins said students at nearby Arlington Heights High School must wade through the water. "It's even hard for the students that are on their lunch break," Wiggins said. The idea that Fort Worth is on the president's radar is a comforting fact for Wiggins. "He's actually looking at Fort Worth. He actually knows Fort Worth. It's not just another town in a state that he's over," Wiggins said.

Oh honey, it's not just Trump, we think everyone is over Fort Worth and its backwater backwards grifting ways. These people actually think Fort Worth is on Trump's radar due to his supposed fantastic friendship with Betsy Price, and thus Trump is going to somehow direct federal infrastructure funds to Fort Worth to fix the town's flooding problems and antiquated sewers?

These people are describing what sounds like some really bad flooding issues in Fort Worth, which apparently the town is doing nothing to fix, other than hope Betsy Price's fantastic friend sends the town some money.

And yet, at the same time areas of Fort Worth regularly go under water, around a billion bucks is being slowly spent on America's Biggest Boondoggle, touted, in part, as a vitally needed flood control project, where there has been no flooding for well over a half century, due to levees American taxpayers paid for long ago.

Half of that billion boondoggle bucks is slowly being doled out to Fort Worth from federal funds, thanks to incoming pork courtesy of Fort Worth Congresswoman, Kay Granger, whose unqualified son, J.D., was installed as executive director of what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District, where, currently, three simple little bridges are taking years to build over dry land to one day maybe connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.

And now, due to Betsy Price's fantastic friendship with Trump, some in Fort Worth apparently think even more federal money will be doled out to Fort Worth.

You know, money funneled to Fort Worth from the more prosperous parts of America, you know parts of America which fund their own infrastructure improvement needs by voting on these things called bonds. I know such is possible in more, well, uh, normal parts of Texas.

The Texas town I am currently in, much smaller than Fort Worth at around 100,000 population, is a town which wears its big city big boy pants, unlike Fort Worth which wears little boy knickers. The Wichita Falls City Council just approved a big bond issue to be put before the voters this coming May. Six different bond measures, each with multiple facets. Such as one bond issue to complete the Circle Trail, make improvements on Lake Wichita, and other park improvements. That is just one of the bond issues. Another has to do with infrastructure upgrades, roads, drainage, and such.

Are the majority of Fort Worth's citizens so clueless as to how civic improvements happen in modern towns in America that they actually think such comes about due to a town's mayor being a fantastic friend of an extremely unpopular president?


I need to share the details of the upcoming Wichita Falls bond vote, and compare that to how Fort Worth approved the building of a little arena, with the approval coming via the passing of three separate propositions which the voters were allowed to vote on, like one proposition was to charge a $1 fee to rent a livestock stall.

That passage of the three separate propositions approving fees supposedly somehow gave voter approval for the building of the arena. That arena vote was one of the most bizarre things I have witnessed during my time of being amazed at what a backwards backwater Fort Worth is, and continues to be, even though the town's mayor is a fantastic friend of the man on a downhill slide to being the worst president in American history.

But, you never know, Betsy Price's fantastic friend might just turn the town around. Why maybe Trump can convince Jeff Bezos to open Amazon's HQ2 on Fort Worth's imaginary island industrial wasteland, which may someday be connected to three simple little bridges, which the public has never voted for, and may never see.

Yeah, sounds like a real good idea to send some more federal dollars to Fort Worth...

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