Sunday, January 28, 2018

David's Disneyland Recovery With Route 66 Radiator Springs & Brunch

UPDATE: Though the initial Disney diagnosis was food poisoning from tainted salmon, it is now thought possible David's sickness was a bout of influenza, due to his mother coming down with the flu within 24 hours of returning home.

Photo documentation arrived Sunday morning documenting some of nephew David's last day in California before heading north to Tacoma with his little brother and sister, Theo and Ruby.

By Saturday morning David had recovered from his bout of food poisoning from tainted salmon served at Disneyland's Blue Bayou restaurant at Pirates of the Caribbean.

The first couple photos document David, Theo and Ruby brunching at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel where they were joined by Pluto and a large Disney rodent who I do not recognize.

After brunching David felt good enough to go to Disney California. It is at Car Land in Disney California where we see David, Ruby and Theo in front of Mama's Michele and Kristen.

Route 66 is in the Radiator Springs Racer zone of Car Land. I first learned of this Disney Route 66 location a couple years ago when Spencer Jack sent me a couple photos which had me thinking he'd taken his dad somewhere along Route 66. But, what I was seeing did not look like any part of Route 66 I had ever driven on. Eventually I was told this was in Disney California. I think the actual Route 66 terminates a few miles north, in Santa Monica, if I remember right.

Eventually everyone was exhausted enough to leave Disneyland, Disney California and the Grand Californian and make their way back to home in Tacoma.

Above see what appear to be an extremely tired David, with Ruby and Theo resting on a less tired looking Mama Kristen. They are sitting at the Grand Califronian waiting area waiting for a taxi to come take them to John Wayne Airport, a few miles to the west.

I was informed yesterday by David, Theo and Ruby's Aunt Jackie that this coming October 23 through 26 is my next opportunity to go to Disneyland with a pair of Disney loving twins and their big brother.


Steve A said...

I believe the rodent is "Dale" of "Chip and Dale." Dale has a red nose, while Chip has a black one. Dale is not the clever one of the two. While they are seen in many Disney cartoons, they starred in their own spin off series of "Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers." Speaking of which, why is Goofy so much more human than Pluto?

Steve A said...

BTW, there is also a Route 66 Connection in Ocean Shores. Ed's Route 66 Museum is at 871 Minard Ave NW in Ocean Shores. That's a lot further from "The Mother Road" than Disneyland. I shall expect a future Durango report on Route 66 at Disneyworld!