Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Two Shivering Degrees Below Zero In Wichita Falls

Apparently a breeze is blowing with enough cooling power to make my location's currently semi-balmy 20 degrees feel like 2 degrees below zero.

And my location is currently scheduled not to get above freezing today, with the low tonight 8 degrees colder than the current semi-balmy 20 degrees.

In a little over two weeks I should be finding myself in Arizona where I anticipate the outer world will not be freezing.

Last summer I was twice in Arizona while the temperature rarely got under 100 degrees. During the June bout in Arizona the temperature was breaking records, at some degree above 120. So HOT for a couple days planes could not fly out of Sky Harbor Airport during the HOTTEST hours of those days HEAT.

During the week in August whilst I was in Arizona, even though August is usually the hottest month of the year, the temperature was no where near as blistering as it was in June.

Even though Arizona in February will be a bit cooler than it was last summer, I anticipate doing some daily swimming in a large heated pool...

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