Monday, January 29, 2018

Time Agrees That Trump Boy Don't Act Right

Fort Worth's number one citizen activist, Gale McCray, has taken his message all over America, including to America's capital, Washington, D.C., where Abraham Lincoln, who has been regularly spinning in his grave in appalled disgust at what his Republican party has become, helped Mr. McCray hold up his now iconic sign....


Gale McCray has yet to take his sign to the west coast, a location where he would be enthusiastically welcomed.

Taking his sign on a Tour of Europe would also likely generate a lot of attention.

I do not know how one would pack such a sign to take along on a plane. It would not fit in the overhead bin storage area.

Maybe the sign rolls up to be inserted in a protective carboard tube.

I saw the above Time magazine cover this morning on Facebook, via the aforementioned Gale McCray.

Since our current fake president has introduced us all to the make believe concept of fake news, this fake news thing has really taken off in all sorts of variants.

It seems to me that Gale McCray has become what used to be known as an American Folk Hero. A Will Rogers of few words for the digital age.

We could really use a few more American Folk Heroes in our current troubling times. A Mr. Smith going to Washington type American Folk Hero would be a real good thing.

If you've never watched Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, you really should, applicable as is its message to what's gone wrong with 2018 America.

You will see why Mr. Smith's message is applicable to America today just by watching the clip below of Mr. Smith's famous filibuster. I wonder if Beto O'Roarke is able to give a Jimmy Stewart Mr. Smith type impassioned speech. I hope we get to find out when O'Roarke replaces the current greasy Texas embarrassment named Ted Cruz...

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Anonymous said...

Donald Trump calls Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price a fantastic friend of his for a long time.

Dud Kennedy is waiting for Mayor Betsy to issue a denial that she is a fantastic friend of Trump. Dud's in charge, baby.