Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Light Flight To Mount Wichita Summit Before February Flight To Arizona

I did not realize it until I thought about it, but today was the first time I used my motorized vehicle to drive to Mount Wichita since I returned from Arizona last August.

I have rolled my former bike's wheels around Mount Wichita multiple times since last August, but I had not hiked to the summit, until today.

I am about 30 pounds lighter than the last time I mountain climbed Mount Wichita.

What a difference a few pounds make when one wants to haul oneself up a mountain. I was surprised and pleased.

But it was cold, even though the temperature was above 50. Extremely windy, blowing an icy wind off the lake. I was in shorts and t-shirt and found myself shivering when I reached the Mount Wichita summit. Not breathing hard, but shivering.

As I arrived at the Mount Wichita parking lot I saw a few people at the summit. I never saw them again. They must have descended down the mountain's east face. By the time I reached the base of the mountain a lady was running up the trail next to the one I had chosen to ascend. You can see her nearing the summit in the photo above.

By the time I reached the summit that lady was in a relaxed yoga pose, which you see below. Or maybe she was taking a selfie photo.

Now that I've discovered mountain climbing is a lot easier without hauling a lot of unnecessary poundage along, I shall return for multiple summit ascents. But today I missed the insulative properties of that long gone adipose tissue which used to help keep me warm in chilly situations.

When I got back to a computer this afternoon I booked a flight to Arizona. I'm out of here most of the month of February. I am not going to bring a laptop along with me. My internet connectivity will be limited. I am looking forward to being disconnected...

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