Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Not Gone Fishing In Arlington's River Legacy Park With No Elsie Hotpepper

Early this morning I headed east to the left heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, a little town named Euless.

When I was finished with Euless I headed slightly northwest to a town named Hurst to make an attempt to remove Elsie Hotpepper from her weekday incarceration location so that Elsie Hotpepper could take me out to the Vietnamese Pho lunch she had promised she would take me to.

However, Elsie Hotpepper could not be located. No one knew to where Elsie Hotpepper had escaped her incarceration.

So, I aborted the search for Elsie Hotpepper and headed back southeast, to Arlington, to River Legacy Park for some nature communing.

Above you are looking at the River Legacy Park bridge which connects the south half of River Legacy Park to the north part.

This signature feat of bridge engineering was built in far less than four years. And built over the sometimes raging, temperamental waters of the Trinity River.

I walked out on the bridge and looked east to see the bucolic scene you see below.  A pair of fisher people fishing in the pristine fish laden waters of the Trinity River.

A short distance upstream I saw another couple of anglers, and I somehow managed to snap a photo right when it appears the anglers had angled a big fish.

After I had enough with the fish watching I continued on to the scenic overlook which looks over Mirror Pond to Mount Arlington.

I assume Mount Arlington is the tallest man made mountain currently being made in the D/FW metro zone.

Mount Arlington is way taller than my neighborhood mountain, Mount Wichita.

I saw multiple pieces of heavy equipment working to add more height to the ever growing Mount Arlington.

I have no idea what the end game is with Mount Arlington. Artificial snow with chair lifts taking skiers to the summit? Mountain bike trails on a semi-real mountain? A resort hotel atop the mountain with a commanding view of the entire D/FW Metroplex?

Only time will tell. But whatever Mount Arlington turns out to be I suspect it will be finished well before Fort Worth's Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, more commonly known  as America's Biggest Boondoggle is anything anyone can see...

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Unknown said...

That mountain is hurried trash lol, it's where the Dump is located.