Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Long Wichita Falls Night Of Thunder & Hail

Looking out my bedroom window this morning, well after the sun arrived, I was pleased to see my main means of vehicular transport made it through the hellacious night of lightning strikes, hail and rain which kept me awake for hours, hence the post-dawn wakeup.

My usual walking route to that aforementioned means of vehicular transport is currently flooded, necessitating a detour to get mobile.

I likely won't attempt getting mobile until the rain stops dripping. That dripping rain is why the photo looks a bit foggy.

I had planned to go to the Wichita Farmers Market in downtown Wichita Falls today. I have been hearing good things about this Farmers Market. I suspect this Farmers Market is not going to be an embarrassing dud like the little Farmers Market in my previous ultra craptacular corrupt town of residence.

Wichita Falls seems to operate at a much higher quality level than that town I used to live in. All the parks I have visited have modern facilities, including running water.

I likely will not be attempting to climb to the summit of Mount Wichita today. I suspect currently Mount Wichita could be re-named Mud Mountain.

Last night brought the third major storm since my arrival at my new location, with last night's thunderstorm being one of the longest and loudest I have experienced since being n Texas.

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