Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fighting Off Vicious Attacks In Wichita Falls

Til today it had been awhile since I attempted one of those selfie things. I don't think I was being a grumpy as I look. Then again, I was a bit grumpy.

Why grumpy?

Well, lately I have been under attack.

A couple days ago I was viciously attacked by swarms of biting insects of various types whilst climbing Mount Wichita.

Yesterday I got no salubrious mood enhancing aerobic stimulation and the endorphins that result from such stimulation.

After getting bugged on Wichita Mountain I bought myself some Cutter bug spray to use if I ever return to that mountain once the multiple bug bumps and the resultant itching subsides.

Day after day the weather prognosticators for this location predict thunderstorms. Til today these seem to take place in the middle of the night. Around noon I decided to test if it is safe to go jogging on the Circle Trail which circulates by my front door without being tormented by swarms of biting bugs.

Well, the jogging went well. Til a couple miles in rain started to drip. Thunder rolled in from a long ways distant, with no lightning flashing seen due to that distance thing. But, I turned around and headed back to my under cover zone.

I did not make it back before the rain went into downpour mode and the thunder moved closer.

About ten minutes before the rain started dripping is when I took the grumpy picture above.

As for bug bites. By the time I got out of the outdoors I found I had been bitten several times, but not nearly as bad as that last bout on Wichita Mountain.

I would have thought this would be a bug-free zone, what with the five years of extreme drought. One would think the insect population would have died off. But I have had more bug bites in one month at this new Texas location than all the previous Texas years combined.

I am still liking this new location though.....

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