Friday, May 6, 2016

Spencer Jack Takes His Dad Memorial Hunting In Lynden Prior To Donald Trump's Visit

No, that is not Wichita Falls you are looking at here.

Wichita Falls is a manmade waterfall in a manmade town in Texas named Wichita Falls.

The slight falling cascades you are looking at here are in the manmade town of Lynden in the state of Washington, about 5 miles south of the Canadian border.

Spencer Jack drove his dad to Lynden a  couple days ago to complete a task I had tasked Spencer and his dad with a month or so ago.

That task was for Spencer Jack and his dad to go to Lynden City Park to see if a memorial plaque was still in place near the wooden footbridge which crosses Fishtrap Creek.

Well, Spencer Jack's dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, called me this morning to report the wooden footbridge across Fishtrap Creek has been replaced. With no memorial plaque memorializing Spencer Jack's Great Great Gandpa, Dr. Jim Porter.

In the second picture Spencer Jack is waving at us from the edge of Fishtrap Creek. I assume Spencer Jack's dad's photo vantage point is from the aforementioned new footbridge across Fishtrap Creek.

In addition to the Fishtrap Creek missing memorial plaque report, Jason also reported that he was surprised to learn from my brother, Jake Jones, that I had moved to Kansas.

Apparently my brother attended mom and dad's weekly Sunday McDonald's Brunch, where mom reported that I'd called  the day before with the news I'd moved to Wichita, Kansas.

I am fairly certain I did not tell my mom I had moved to Kansas. I did tell my mom I'd grown a bit weary of the daily moving roundtrips to my new location, and that I'd be returning to D/FW once a month, at least.

I have driven through Wichita, Kansas a couple times. The freeway is elevated as you pass through the town, if my memory is serving me correctly. I do not remember experiencing that particular Wichita at ground level, except maybe to get gas.

Spencer Jack and his dad did manage to locate one special memorial plaque in Lynden.

In Lynden's Monumenta Cemetery, the headstone of Spencer Jack's Great Great Grandma, Sylvia Slotemaker. Slotemaker is how you spell Jones in Dutch.

Hard to believe it is almost 22 years since the day after I returned from my first Lake Powell Houseboating trip in October of 1994 when my mom called to tell me that Grandma Jones had died. Grandma would be so pleased to have Spencer Jack visit her like this.

22 years ago, if you had told me that 22 years in the future my mom would be thinking I'd moved from Texas to Kansas, my feeble imagination would not have been able to conjure a scenario where that would make sense.

Any yet, here I am.

Tomorrow Donald Trump will be in Lynden, at the fairgrounds. Jason thinks he and Spencer Jack may show up, just to experience the lunacy in person.....

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