Monday, May 9, 2016

Solving The Mystery Of The Wichita Falls Horses Of Many Colors

Soon upon my arrival in Wichita Falls I saw a horse which caused me to wonder why a funeral home would have a Horse of Many Colors sitting by its entry.

Soon thereafter I saw another Horse of Many Colors. And then another. And another.

I have now lost track of how many of what I thought were Wichita Falls Horses of Many Colors I have seen.

This morning I came upon the Horse of Many Colors you see above as I walked to the entry to the Market Street grocery store, which my local adviser advised me was the best grocery store in Wichita Falls.

Soon upon entering Market Street I realized it was the same as Market Street in Colleyville. I vaguely recollect when the Market Street opened in Colleyville that part of the story was the store was based in Wichita Falls. Or was it Amarillo?

Anyway, a few days into being in Wichita Falls I realized the Horses of Many Colors were actually Mustangs of Many Colors.

The university which is a couple blocks north of my new abode is Midwestern State University.

I believe the MSU mascot is a Mustang. There is a statue on the MSU campus of a group of Mustangs.

Are all these Mustangs of Many Colors a city-wide thing like when Seattle did the same thing with Pigs of Many Colors back in the previous decade? Many towns back earlier in this century did a similar thing.

I recollect Dallas tried it with Pegasus statues.

If I remember right that particular Dallas effort did not go well.

Tacoma had Salmon of Many Colors all over Tacoma, as late as 2008.

Anyway, I'm having myself a mighty fine time adjusting to a new town. And last night I got to experience my first Wichita Falls Thunderstorm. The booming did not last long. But a lot of water dropped.


Anonymous said...

My son is a junior there. After many visits, have actually found a good place to eat.
You must go see and report on "The Worlds Littlest Skyscaper".
Every town has to have their Boondoggle.

Anonymous said...

Fort Worth had The Bull of Arts. There are a few around. It stumbled around for a few years and ended with the advent of the mortgage crisis.

Steve A said...

Southlake, Texas has cows of many colors around and near its "Town Square." MSU indeed DOES have the Mustang as its mascot, having abandoned the "Indians" under NCAA pressure about 10 years ago. Also, Market Street is based in Boise, as yet another subsidiary of Albertsons/Safeway. They now carry many Lucerne products, as does Albertsons. Haggen, up in the Pacific Northwest was recently snapped up by Albertsons as well.