Saturday, May 21, 2016

Visiting The Wichita Falls Prairie Dog Town

About a mile north of Mount Wichita in Lake Wichita Park and about two miles west of my abode's location west of Wichita Falls' Weeks Park there is a Prairie Dog Town in what is called Kiwanis Park.

I first visited the Prairie Dogs on Tuesday, after a night of heavy rain. At that point in time the Prairie Dogs were in full frolic mode, as if celebrating that the night of heavy rain and thunder was over.

Two days ago I visited the Prairie Dogs a second time to find  nary a Prairie Dog anywhere to be seen. The weather on that day was misty and foggy. Methinks Prairie Dogs are averse to any form of precipitation.

Today, with the return of blue sky, on my third visit with my neighborhood Prairie Dogs they were in full frolic mode, seeming to be having themselves a mighty fine time.

I think the Wichita Falls Prairie Dogs get a lot of friendly human visitors.  The Prairie Dogs acted way less finicky than turtles and ducks I have visited in other Texas parks.

There is a thick enclosure around Central Prairie Dog Town. I assume this installed to try and keep some control over the size of the town.

However, somehow some  adventurous Prairie Dogs with a pioneering spirit have migrated out of the enclosure and have established multiple suburbs, some a couple hundred feet from downtown Prairie Dog Town.

I have always found Prairie Dogs to be real cute and cuddly. Sort of the American version of Meerkats, which I also find cute and cuddly.  Many of the Prairie Dogs in town today appeared to be puppies. Lots of little dogs.

Below is a short video I shot today of frolicking Prairie Dogs. The Prairie Dogs you will see in this video are some of the pioneer Prairie Dogs, building new towns outside of the incorporated Wichita Falls Prairie Dog Town....

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