Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day With Cousin Scott In Vietnam

Memorial Day, the start of the Summer season, even though Summer does not arrive for a few more weeks.

I erroneously thought Memorial Day was the day we remembered relatives and friends who had passed away. And that Veterans Day was the day we remembered those who served in America's military.

When I saw multiple people posting Memorial Day homages to fallen soldiers, and those who served, I felt compelled to point out that Veterans Day was the day for that type homaging.

But, before doing so I Googled "Memorial Day" to learn I was wrong, as I often am.

This morning my cousin Scott's daughter Olivia posted the photo of her dad you see above. My cousin Scott then commented with...

"i was probably 20 when this was taken. sitting in the office in saigon and maybe listening to anti-war music my uncle gerry sent me..."

I don't know why, but my cousin Scott refuses to use capital letters.

I also don't  know why cousin Scott and his sister, cousin  Linda, insist on calling our youngest uncle, Uncle Jerry, when Uncle Jerry is known only as Uncle Mooch by my side of the family, and since my side of the family is more numerous I think our naming conventions should be the standard.

Then again, it is true that Uncle Mooch's wife, Jane, rather strongly objected the first time she heard Mooch's nephews and nieces call him Uncle Mooch. Jane relented when it was explained the Uncle Mooch name derived from a Disney character we liked, named Moochie.

I remember it being a big deal when cousin Scott returned to the states from one of his Vietnam tours. I recollect one memorable Thanksgiving, if I remember right, with it being a big deal that Scott was home.

I remember when Uncle Mooch was shipped out for military duty. I remember it being a tearful departure with Grandma Jones (Anglification of Slotemaker) and all of us at Sea-Tac, back in the good ol' pre-terrorist days when you could bid someone farewell right at the gate.

I think Uncle Mooch was in the Air Force. But on the ground, somewhere in the Middle East. Turkey maybe? Or was that Uncle Mel? I know Uncle Mel was stationed in Turkey during the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Anyway, I hope y'all had yourselves a very memorable Memorial Day....

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