Monday, May 2, 2016

Serenity On The Open Texas Road Before Returning To The D/FW Metroplex

I have seen the view you see here multiple times in the past seven days.

In this view you are on Highway 287, on the southeast bound lanes, heading towards the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, somewhere between Wichita Falls and that aforementioned Metroplex.

As you can see, excessive traffic is not a problem on this road.

However, by the time one gets back to the Metroplex, where 287 joins I-35. the road becomes a slow motion parking lot.

I have found alternatives around this mess in the past week, til today, when my alternative turned out to be a bad, bad thing. I ended up in a labyrinth of confusion in a shopping zone developed since I lived in this area, called, I think, Alliance something or other. It was huge. All this land which was open land upon my arrival in Texas is now an over developed HELL of bad planning and traffic congestion.

It does not have to be this way.

I have seen similar new developments in the Phoenix zone which are well thought out with the infrastructure installed before building erections begin. When I finally found my way out of the Alliance shopping maze I found myself on an old pot-holed beat up road, eventually making it to smooth sailing on Tarrant Parkway.

I will not miss the traffic problems of the D/FW zone. I will miss some of the people. But, I shall return, fairly frequently, I hope.

Tomorrow the final load heads towards the northwest....

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