Friday, May 19, 2017

Wichita Falls Rock & Roll With Icy Striking Lightning Booms

What you are looking at here is the stormy Friday May morning view north via one of my living room windows.

Yesterday, by the time the sun exited, Mother Nature started up with one of her light shows, along loud sound effects and water and ice displays.

She calmed down a bit after a few hours, and remained calm until the sun decided to return this morning.

And now lightning bolts are striking in any direction I look. One just flashed and momentarily blinded me, followed by an earthquake-like shaking roll of thunder.

The wind is whistling, pounding rain against the windows, along with what sounds like occasional small pellets of hail.

So far I have heard no tornado sirens.

I suspect I will not be venturing outside today, unless, maybe, via a quick dash to a vehicular interior under cover of an umbrella....

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