Saturday, May 13, 2017

Feeling Safe From Ransomware Wanna Cry Surrounded By Pillars Of Holliday

Today for my regularly scheduled salubrious Saturday outdoor excursion I opted to walk to my favorite neighborhood art space, which always puts me in a good mood, which you see documented here in a rare selfie photo documenting me being in a rare good mood.

I call this art installation the Pillars of Holliday, what with Holliday Creek being that water you see reflecting behind me and multiple Pillars.

The Pillars of Holliday are located under the Southwest Parkway bridge over Holliday Creek.

A short distance north, maybe half a mile, on the campus of Midwestern State University, visible as one drives by on Taft Boulevard, one sees the Pillars of Hercules art installation.

I prefer the Pillars of Holliday to the Pillars of Hercules for several reasons.

Such as there are only four Pillars of Hercules, while Holliday has way more Pillars, both behind me and in front of me, from the vantage point of the above photo.

The Pillars of Holliday are shaded,  whilst the Pillars of Hercules are out in the open, with no shady protection.

The Pillars of Holliday are more easily accessed than the Pillars of Hercules, what with the Circle Trail running under the bridge, between the Pillars, with a comfortable swinging bench upon which one can sit and admire the Pillars of Holliday.

Today I had a good reason to put myself in a good mood by surrounding myself with art due to the stress I have had getting my new computer to cooperate in updating itself to protect it from the nefarious Ransomware Wanna Cry attack.

I am almost 100% certain I am now somewhat safe from having my computer held for ransom. I probably should not be tempting fate by making such a claim...

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