Friday, May 19, 2017

Call From Rabbi Linda Calmed Today's Texas Storm For A Few Minutes

Sometime near the noon time frame my phone rang with an incoming call from my favorite Rabbi, Miss Linda Ann.

Soon upon establishing our phone connection Rabbi Linda asked if the storm was being real bad.

How could Rabbi Linda know I am being pummeled by lightning strikes and balls of hail, I thought to myself, and then asked Rabbi Linda if our storm was on the news.

No, was the reply from Rabbi Linda, I read about it on your blog.


I'd forgotten I'd made mention of today's hellacious storm this morning regarding Wichita Falls Rocking & Rolling With Icy Striking Lightning Booms.

When Rabbi Linda called today's storm was at its worst, up to that point. Bolts of lightning bolting near and far, left and right. Loud booms. Off and on downpours.

And then during the course of talking to my favorite Rabbi the storm seemed to abate, significantly ratcheting down, almost calm, but with the sky still dark and threatening.

But, I was not soon off the phone with Rabbi Linda when the storm amped up again with the return of lightning bolts and the heaviest downpour, so far, in this storm.

Coming up on the late afternoon part of the day the rain ceased, at least for awhile.  I decided to try and make my way through the flood to see if Holliday Creek was in raging torrent mode.

I sort of expected to hear the roaring of rapids. But when Holliday Creek came into view I could see it was moving more water than the norm, but nowhere near being in Colorado River rampaging through Grand Canyon mode.

In the photo above you are looking north at a menacing sky hovering above the aforementioned, less sedate than normal, Holliday Creek.

To the west I am currently seeing a dark wall of clouds. I suspect that wall will be bringing the next storm wave. So far, I have heard no tornado sirens...

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