Monday, May 1, 2017

Motherly Letter From Kay Granger About A TRWD Election

I do not know how the person who sent me this letter came to be in possession of it.

A letter from Fort Worth Congresswoman Kay Granger to her son, John Dean, more commonly known as J.D.

This letter was sent to J.D. during the TRWD Board Election which saw the ouster of Hal Sparks, due to the election of Mary Kelleher, who received the most votes in TRWD Board Election history, until the next TRWD Board Election where Marty Leonard and Jim Lane received about twice as many votes as the Mary Kelleher record, due to the Leonard/Lane masterful use of their fellow senior citizen's absentee ballots.

Now, keep in mind that when you read this letter you are entering the world of people like Kay Granger and her son, where you are basically going through the looking glass with Alice, to a land where up is down, right is wrong, misinformation is information, a lie is truth, well, you get the drift.

Read the loving letter from Kay to her son and see how many of the absurdly ironic bits of nonsense Kay says to J.D. that you can find.

And isn't it touching the warm way Kay signs off to her son? Sincerely, Kay....

Dear J.D.,

I have been through elections from Fort Worth City Council, to Mayor to Congress from Fort Worth, but I have never seen a campaign with more misinformation and flat out lies than what I am seeing in the May 11 election for the Tarrant Regional Water District.

Friends, I know the people who run the Tarrant Regional Water District. I work with them. The people who make up the board are just the kind of people we want to make decisions about the precious commodity that is our water. The people who serve today are Marty Leonard, Jim Lane, Vic Henderson, Hal Sparks and Jack Stevens. They are active in our community and have a long history of meeting our water needs and managing our resources. Just last week they traveled to Washington to show support as a vital water issue went before the Supreme Court. The Tarrant Regional Water District is respected throughout our state and our region and has won many awards for their efficient and effective leadership year after year.

Three opponents to the incumbents up for elections have sent out mailer after mailer filled with accusations that are completely without merit. None of these opponents have been involved in water issues, paid attention by attending board meetings or attempted to set forth their histories, positions or reasons you should elect them. All they have done is send negative attack mailers financed by a Dallas citizen with an axe to grind against our board. Our elected board follows the rules, does not seek publicity or use their positions for anything except making good decision for us and our water. This election will choose the top three vote getters. Three members of the board are up for re-election and early voting has already started. Please join me in voting for these fine public servants.



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Vote getters! Uh hu. Dang opposition critters! Uh hu! Slingblade for Congress.