Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Stormy Look At Wichita Falls Circle Trail Water Fountain Space Needles

No, that is not the Wichita Falls Space Needle you are looking at here, with a rotating restaurant and observation deck at its top.

What you are looking at here is one of the many water fountains installed along the Wichita Falls Circle Trail, delivering the drinking pleasure needs of parched Circle Trailers.

This particular Circle Trail water fountain is located a couple hundred feet from my abode. Consequently I have never had the need to avail this particular water fountain of its drink delivery service.

However, I have availed myself of the water delivery service of other fountains along the Circle Trail.

As you can see, via the look at the sky above the Circle Trail Space Needle Water Fountain, clouds have invaded the usual blue space.

Thunderstorms, with hail, heavy rain and possible tornadoes are on the menu today for what is known as the Texoma zone of Texas and Oklahoma.

Currently the outer world is hot, humid and windy, with no lightning flashes, thunder booms, downpours or tornado sirens.

I have yet to turn on my air conditioning this year. Today's muggy humidity is tempting me to switch the A/C on. But, the ceiling fans  and open windows seem to be providing sufficient cooling.

For now...

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