Friday, May 19, 2017

Relative Arizona Check From Spencer Jack's Dad

Yesterday I mentioned my Favorite Nephew Jason took a Look At A Snowy Mountain On Way To Check Aging Arizona Relatives.

Today I got a report on Jason's aging Arizona relatives check...

Photo after your dad's daily morning physical therapy session. Not photographed, by choice, is your mother, who arrived via middle sister taxi. The taxi driver is also not pictured, as she is the photographer.

We left shortly after noon when your dad's pot roast lunch arrived, and your mother insisted he eat the food while it was hot.

I most likely will check back in again tomorrow to see the pair.

I have been informed that your younger sister is arriving this afternoon.

Overall, your Pa seems to be where he needs to be, and appears to be in excellent care.

A few minutes ago I blogged about a Call From Rabbi Linda. In that blogging I did not mention the first thing Rabbi Linda asked me about, before asking about today's storm, was to ask how my dad was doing. I told Rabbi Linda I'd received a photo documented  report from Jason, which I might get around to blogging about later.

Later is, apparently, now.

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