Thursday, May 25, 2017

Throw Back Thursday All The Way To Newborn Baby Spencer Jack

Today is Thursday. The final day of this sort in the May month of 2017.

It being Thursday, this particular day has also become known as Throwback Thursday, known as such for reasons, and by whose instigation, I do not know.

Is this Throwback Thursday thing a Facebook invention? It is on Facebook I first saw and continue to see Throwback Thursday photos.

This Throwback Thursday thing came to mind this particular Thursday when I was scrolling through photos and came upon the photo you see here.

I believe that is Spencer Jack I am holding, or appearing to hold. This would seem to indicate this photo is about ten years old.

Holding a baby when the baby is in newborn mode has always made me nervous. Such a tiny, delicate little bundle of joy.

Being the eldest of four siblings, I do not remember siblings number one and two whilst they were in newborn infant mode. I do clearly remember siblings three and four in newborn infant mode.

Sibling three is my little sister, Jackie, now the mother of Christopher and Jeremy. I do not remember Christopher in newborn infant mode. I do remember Jeremy in that mode because I was in the building when he was born and was sent out to buy bottles of celebratory champagne to lubricate the party which ensued in the fun hospital in which Jeremy was born in Everett, Washington.

Sibling four is my extra little sister, Michele, now the mother of David, and the twins, Theo and Ruby. I was not present for the birth of any of these three, nor did I see any of them in infant newborn mode.

I do not remember where I was when Spencer Jack's dad was born. Spencer Jack's dad is my sibling number two's eldest son, Jason. I think I met Jason soon after he was born, but not whilst he was in the hospital. However, I do remember driving from Bellingham to United General Hospital, located between Burlington and Sedro-Woolley, to see newborn nephew, Joey, for the first time. I do not remember if I got to hold Joey whilst he was in the hospital.

 I wonder when next I will be blessed with holding a newborn bundle of joy, if ever? I am almost 100% certain such a thing will not be happening on this particular last Thursday of May....

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