Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Don't Think Spencer Jack's UPS Bobblehead Voted For Trump

I think, if I remember right, that yesterday I mentioned that whilst I was walking towards Lake Wichita my phone made its incoming text message noise.

When I got to a safe place I took the phone out of its pocket to find that the text message was from Spencer Jack's dad, and included the photo you see here.

I saved the photo attachment but somehow, in my high technology ineptness, deleted the text of the message.

Near as I can recall, and keep in mind I was outside in bright sunlight with a temperature well below freezing, but near as I can remember the message was something along the line of....

Aunts Clancy and Fancy sent Spencer a Xmas package to the wrong address. Don't know if Grandma and Grandpa helped with the address info. The Xmas package included that which you see here, a life size UPS Bobblehead which Clancy and Fancy apparently had made for themselves as some sort of morphed combination of their memorable likenesses. And then, apparently the morphed combination was extremely photoshopped, hence this UPS Bobblehead appears to have only one chin.

Hope you're having a good Monday and that those Electors do the right thing and not vote for that narcissistic, sociopathic madman.

Well, it is now Tuesday and now we know those Electors did the wrong thing in not doing their duty regarding the intended purpose of the Electoral College, that being that that institution is the failsafe the Founders added to the Constitution as a final defense against a populist madman becoming president.

I found a couple incoming Christmas packages in the mail yesterday. But no UPS Bobblehead from Clancy and Fancy.....

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