Wednesday, December 21, 2016

First Day Of Winter Attacked By An Old Lady In ALDI

This particular blog title is inspired by the new fake news fake headline ethic. Except in this case the headline title is sort of accurate.

Changing the subject from this blogging's title.

That is Google's First Day of Winter greeting from today you are looking at here. When one clicks its play button snowflakes begin to fall.

That's all. Click and snowflakes fall.

The Arctic Blast has retreated from my location, rendering the outer world less winter-like than it was a day or two ago.

Right now the outer world temperature is approaching 60.

Almost balmy.

I think I may have had my first encounter with a Trump empowered nincompoop today.

I was in line at ALDI.

A store where the line moves fast.  Sort of the antithesis of the Walmart line waiting experience.

I was waiting for the lady ahead of me to move forward, so I could push my cart forward, and thus easily unload onto the conveyor belt, when the borderline elderly lady behind me aggressively tapped me on the shoulder and officiously informed me I could begin unloading my cart now.

I told the overbearing busy body that I was waiting til there was more room. She then informed me there was plenty of room.

I ignored the lady, and then when I was able to easily unload the few items I was buying, I did so, After which I stuck one of the marking sticks on the conveyor belt. After which the officious lady thanked me.

I am not sure, but I suspect the look I gave this lady likely would be characterized as glaring, with me hoping my non-verbal communicating communicated something appropriate that indicated I thought her to be an overbearing officious moron.

As I wheeled away I heard this lady lecturing the checkout person about something. I suspect this lady is one of those who goes through her day having one idiotic confrontation after another, and considers such behavior to be normal.

So, that has been my first day of winter so far....

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