Friday, March 11, 2016

The Texas Hoodoo War Did Not Take Place On The Tandy Hills

A year or two or three ago when artfully assembled stacks of rocks began appearing on the Tandy Hills I took to calling these rock piles Tandy Hills Hoodoos due to their resemblance to natural rock formations in Utah known as Hoodoos.

This morning whilst scrolling through Facebook I came upon that which you see here from the Texas Hill Country Facebook page.

A link to an article about The Hoodoo War of Mason County.

A war over rock formations?

I read the Texas Hill Country article and found nothing that explained why this war was known as The Hoodoo War.

I then Googled "Mason County Hoodoo War" and saw multiple links, one of which was to a Wikipedia article titled Mason County War in which I sort of learned why this was called The Hoodoo War via the following paragraph....

This was the beginning activity of the vigilance committee, or Hoodoos, who used "ambushes and midnight hangings, to get rid of the thieves and outlaws who had been holding a "carnival of lawlessness in Mason County"

So, apparently a vigilance committee is known as Hoodoos. I found no explanation as to why a vigilance committee is known as Hoodoos.

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