Sunday, March 6, 2016

Evacuation Preparations Leads To Discovery Of Lost Treasures

In preparation for Bugging out of Texas I have been looking in cabinets and locations I have not looked in or at in years.

Doing so I found the originals of photos of my Favorite Nephews Christopher and Jeremy on a hike up Tabletop Mountain, by Mount Baker, in my hopefully to soon again be my home state of Washington.

A year or so ago I looked in what I thought was every possible location for those Tabletop Mountain photos, to no avail. I have now scanned those photos for a blogging to follow this one.

Right when I found the photo you are looking at here, the nephew on the right in the picture, my Favorite Nephew Jason, called.

What a coincidence.

With that being Jason on the right, that would make that my Favorite Nephew Joey on the left.

On the back of the photo it says "Jason 6 1/2, Joey 4, 1986".

I last saw Joey in October of last year, in Grapevine. I last saw Jason in March of 2012, in Chandler, Arizona. I suspect some day soon I will be seeing Joey and Jason more frequently than I have in the first sixteen years of this century....

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