Friday, November 19, 2010

Trying To Keep Happy In Texas While Protecting My Private Parts From The Probing TSA

You are looking out at my blurry Friday, November 19 view, this morning, at a chilly 7 degrees above freezing.

Snow is not in the immediate forecast.

If it does snow I will not be going cross country skiing. I stored my skis in an area of this place that is not temperature controlled. As a consequence the skis delaminated. They are now living in a landfill somewhere.

Yesterday one of my frequent commenters, Agent cd0103, commented on what Agent cd0103 perceived to be me being unhappy being in Texas.

I do not know what led Agent cd0103 to that conclusion. Maybe my basic attitude as expressed via my words? I don't know.

What I do know is I'm not being all that happy. But, it really is not Texas that is the cause.

What is currently making me cranky, beyond all the lack of common sense stuff I see going on in my current location, is the absurd amping up of the TSA's security pat down procedures.

After 9/11, when airport security turned absurd, I thought why does no one see this as a victory for the terrorists? And now the terrorists are causing total innocents to be violated in a way that usually results in criminal charges being filed. Or a priest being de-frocked.

On the way back here, from Seattle, in February of 2004, I had my one and only experience with an enhanced security check. I was getting on an earlier flight to Phoenix than I'd originally booked, so I could spend a 10 hour layover with my sister.

I got the early flight, but timing was tight. Going through security was a very long line. I did not see how I could possibly make it to the gate in time. And then suddenly I was pulled out of line by a security agent, very politely asking me to come with him.

What fresh hell is this, I thought.

He walked me right past the line. Then once we were through the security perimeter he wanded me and did a little pat downing. Nothing untoward that had me feeling violated. After less than a minute I was on my way to my gate.

I don't know why I lucked out like this. It was like someone said pull that guy out of line or he is not going to make his flight.

Last night I saw Larry King on CNN ask Vice-President Joe Biden what he thought of the new enhanced TSA private parts pat downs. Biden said he daily saw the Security Threat Assessments and believed the enhanced private parts pat downs were needed.

Fine. So, tell us, the easily duped American public, exactly what those supposed threats are that are having our private parts subjected to uwanted probing?

Agent cd0103 suggested I seek happiness elsewhere, if Texas impinges on me being happy. Well, it ain't Texas. I'd need to find another planet, a place where common sense reigns supreme. Or a nice South Pacific deserted island. With broadband Internet.

I have no idea what I am going to do with my cranky self today. But I am fairly certain I will not be too happy doing it.

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cd0103 said...

Honestly, I don't remember exactly what made me think that. I do know when I posted it, something had jumped out at me.
Anyway- not important.

Have a great day!