Friday, November 26, 2010

The Return Of The Shadow Of The Tandy Thin Man Minus The Salvation Of The Queen Of Wink

Mother Nature removed yesterday's cloud cover, bringing back the blue sky of Texas, which allowed for the return of the Shadow of the Tandy Thin Man today.

Hiking the Tandy Hills was not a windy, chilly fun time, today, unlike yesterday's Thanksgiving Day, cold, blowing, hard hike.

Last night's first freeze of the year appears to have knocked the leaves out of a lot of trees. Maybe the trees were already naked of leaves yesterday and I did not notice. But, I don't think so.

The freeze has made the remaining leaves all the same color, for the most part, sort of a very burned reddish brown.

I heard from the Queen of Wink this morning. My one longtime reader may remember me mentioning that the Queen of Wink called me a couple weeks ago to tell me she was coming here for Thanksgiving.

Anticipating the Queen's arrival, I then proceeded to prepare complex Thanksgiving plans to have a Turkey Day Buffet, totally Royal Worthy.

So, imagine my shock to get an email, this morning, from the Queen of Wink, telling me, the day after I expected her at my Turkey Day Buffet, that she had enlisted in the Salvation Army on T-Day, and that, and I quote, "Looks like I didn't make it to Fort Worth, huh? Maybe for the Christmas break."

Yes, I can see myself going through the Living Hell of preparing a Royal Feast. Again. On Christmas. Only to find out the day after Christmas that the Queen has again enlisted in the Salvation Army.

Well, at least Elsie Hotpepper showed up, as expected, at my Turkey Day Buffet. And, WOW, can that skinny girl eat. Methinks she has some sort of freakish high metabolism.

Speaking of Elsie Hotpepper, I've not heard from her since she left the Turkey Day Buffet. I know she did not leave here to go saloon hopping, because I do not think any saloons were open on Thanksgiving. Maybe Elsie is busy doing some Black Friday mall hopping.

I gave in to the chill this morning and turned on my furnace for the first time since last winter.


cd0103 said...

Oh honey, the saloons were open. Several saloons have almost record night on Thanksgiving evening. Everyone is tired of family by the end of the day. In fact, we watched the Saints game in a saloon last night, but came home right after the game.

Durango said...

cd0103, I am such a naive, innocent boy. I had not idea the saloons were open Thanksgiving. I'm such a rube. Well, I guess you've solved the mystery as to what happened to Elsie Hotpepper.