Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Got A Heavy Duty Endorphin Fix On The Tandy Hills Tonight With Elsie Hotpepper Saying UGH

I went later to the Tandy Hills tonight than last night, that being a night when I had the sun go down  on me sooner than I had anticipated. I lost the sun tonight too, but the glow of the sunset was sufficient to easily illuminate my way back to the top of Mount Tandy.

In the picture you are standing on top of Mount Tandy, looking west, where the sun has set behind the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

As I was nearing the end of tonight's hike, as I stepped onto the Tandy Highway, I was startled by a guy jogging up from behind me. He let out a warning yell so as to not startle me, which thoroughly startled me.

I did a bit of jogging tonight, too. Running up the hills. There was no wind tonight, unlike last night, but it felt chillier. Which makes sense, because it was chillier. It was the wind last night that made the chilliness, not the temperature.

I don't know if you can tell, but I am a bit blissed out right now due to getting a very strong endorphin fix.

The last I heard from Elsie Hotpepper today all she said was "Ugh." I do not know if she is channeling her inner Indian Princess, or what. "Ugh" can mean so many things.


cd0103 said...

Just curious-- you don't seem happy here and your seem to not be stuck here for work. If you don't like being here, why do you stay? Please don't take that in a wrong way. I love you live here, but you don't seem happy.

Durango said...

cd0103---I'm trying to figure out what I wrote that indicated being not happy. I am drawing a blank.

FW Bites said...

Durango, I think your deep seated knowledge from knowing that you (and most of us adults)will never live long enough to enjoy all the amazing developments, using taxpayer dollars and eminent domain abuse, promised at various times by our elected leaders has seeped into some of your writings. Conversely, I could ask JD Granger and Mike Moncrief why they seem so happy and have not given any hint of ever loosening their grips on power and the public purse strings.