Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From Cold Texas

Well, it is now Thanksgiving Day, November 25. Looking out my window this morning you can see the view is a bit frosted. Courtesy of a big temperature drop from yesterday's high of 83 degrees.

When I woke up my computer this morning, at a quarter to 7, it was 50. It is now 45. The temperature is scheduled to drop throughout the day, eventually landing somewhere in the 27 degree zone.

I have a big bird ready to shove in the oven. If my calculations are correct it should take about 5 hours to have the turkey in ready to eat mode.

I think I may have overdone the swimming yesterday. It came as a bit of a surprise that the water temperature was so swimmable, so I stayed in it a long time. I suspect this will not be the case when I get back in the water this morning.

Have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving Day. And if you are coming to my Turkey Day Buffet, don't be late.


Betty Jo Bouvier said...

If I don't know what time the buffet is, how will I know if I am late??? It is so confusing to attend a meal at your house.

Durango said...

Betty Jo, If you were an invitee you would know what time you need to be here. It's really not all that confusing.