Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Cold Saturday Morning In Texas Wondering Who Elbowed President Obama Requiring 12 Stitches?

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell at my pool, early on the Saturday morning of November 27.

It is currently 35 degrees out there, the same temperature that currently has Seattle shivering.

We do not seem to be getting down to the predicted lows, which for this morning was supposed to be 26.

35 degrees means I will not be getting wet in the pool this morning. My current requirement for doing so is the 24 hour average has to be 50 degrees, or above.

I was surprised this morning to read that President Obama suffered a blow to the head that required 12 stitches in his mouth zone. The explanation is this injury occurred during a day after Thanksgiving basketball game.

This seems suspicious to me. Is someone playing a friendly game of basketball with the President of the United States going to play so aggressively that an elbow plants itself on the President's mouth? Where was the Secret Service during this worst attack on a U.S. President since John Hinckley shot President Reagan?

Who owned the elbow that smacked the President? Was First Lady Michelle in the game?

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janneba said...

Ray ??? director of Hispanic caucus is the one that elbowed him.