Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Landslide Clyde ImPichting Fort Worth's Mayor Mike Moncrief

A few days ago I suggested that maybe it was a good idea to blindside Fort Worth's Ruling Junta and vote Fort Worth's current corrupt mayor out of office by electing Clyde Picht.

One of the Ruling Junta's anonymous shills commented on the blindsiding idea with this comment...

Picht was totally ineffective as a councilman. He would be even worse as Mayor. Blindsided? You people are blind to reality.

Near as I can tell, any ineffectiveness as a councilman was due to not being able to go against the dictates of the Ruling Junta.

In this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, online version, there was one letter praising the amazing progress under the amazing leadership of Mayor Mike Moncrief, saying that "Fort Worth is continously complimented for the quality of life here."

Continuously complimented? By who? Who is doing this continuous complimenting of the amazing wonder that is Fort Worth? That verbiage seems suspiciously like the Star-Telegram's notorious green with envy type propaganda.

Another letter was in support of Clyde Picht becoming Fort Worth's mayor. That letter was perplexing because over and over again rather than calling the man Clyde Picht it used nClyde. What does nClyde mean?

Below are both letters, first the Ruling Junta shill and then the nClyde supporter....

Keep Moncrief at work

I, for one, am proud of the progress made in Fort Worth under the leadership of Mayor Mike Moncrief. Our city is continuously complimented for the quality of life here, and when you look at the opportunities here compared to other cities in Texas and the rest of the United States, we are very fortunate.

Moncrief is not afraid to speak his mind on sensitive matters, he is fair and equally concerned about all ethnicities and areas of our city. The dedication of Moncrief and his wife, Rosie, are beneficial to our city. It really bothers me when any of our community servants are criticized.

Pam Minick, Fort Worth

Clean the air

It is time to clean the air at City Hall.

Change is always healthy, and now is the time. Our city has been faced with financial challenges and growth that bring many challenges.

Citizens across the USA are beginning to clean their houses. Political leaders don’t need to serve for decades. Fort Worth deserves some better choices.

I am supporting Clyde Picht for mayor for the following reasons:

nClyde will act as an effective leader.
nClyde will know when to say no and will gather troops for support. Remember that the late Chuck Silcox and Clyde were the only council members who were not afraid to say “no.” They listened to their voters.
nClyde will treat residents politely and in a courteous manner.
nClyde has the time for this job. He is retired and has the experience. He needs no learning curve.
Help clean the house!

Peggy Terrell, Fort Worth


Anonymous said...

It was like the article they ran last week in which they called Clyde a flight attendant. While that is a very important job, Clyde was actually a flight instructor. Which is important on another level entirely.
I am guessing the one who left the comment that Clyde was not effective lost out on some personal gain from something Clyde felt the taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill for.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Peggy. I'm votn for nClyde!