Monday, June 28, 2021

Theo & Ruby Turn Tarzan & Jane On HOT Harstine Island

That would be Theo you see swinging on a rope above.

Two photos arrived in my email this morning from Harstine Island in Puget Sound in swelteringly HOT Washington.

The text in the email explained what we are seeing...

As we drove back to our cabin from the pool, we saw it was a beautiful sunset, so we went to the beach and the twins took turns on the rope swing. It was high tide, so they could drop into the water!  I’m ready for some cooler temps, and I cannot believe that a day in the 80’s sounds nice! Usually that is waaaay too hot. I hope everyone and all the animals and trees survive this. It’s crazy!

And that would be Ruby above doing her best "Jane" imitation. 

That is a scenic sunset.

For those in Fort Worth who have never actually seen one, and who are easily duped as to what one is, Theo & Ruby are swinging on an island.

Harstine Island.

Harstine Island is surrounded by water, saltwater, to be precise. Located in the south end of Puget Sound, which is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean.

Harstine Island was not created by digging a ditch and then diverting dirty river water into the ditch and then declaring the result to be an island.

Changing the subject back to Theo & Ruby swinging on a rope vine like Tarzan & Jane, we can not help but wonder where David is.

Is he still at the Irish Redhead Event?

David could have played the Cheetah role in this Tarzan & Jane rope vine swinging scenario...

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