Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Lucy Park Bike Ride Finds Wichita Falls Back Falling Water

My mechanized motion device took me and my bike back to Lucy Park on this next to last Saturday of the 2021 version of June.

My bike and I had a mighty fine, long ride. There was only one jarring moment.

That being my first snake encounter in quite some time. The encounter happened in the backwoods zone of  Lucy Park, where the grass is tall and the trees jungle-like. I did not stop to take a picture, instead I reversed course and rolled away. It was a big snake. I only saw about four feet of its tail end. The head end was in the grass, by how many feet, I could not tell.

A couple miles after the snake encounter I was pleased to see Wichita Falls is back in operation, with water flowing copiously.

I continued on a couple more miles on the Circle Trail, past the location of the original Wichita Falls, looped around O'Reilly Park, then returned to Lucy Park and my mechanized motion device.

Whilst listening to the radio whilst rolling along today I heard the good news that what had been predicted to be 15 days of extreme HEAT is going to be interrupted by a rare June cold front blowing in on Monday, with some possible heavy storming.

I think a June cold front at my Texas location will likely be highs in the 70s. That is a natural air conditioning temperature...

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Adventures in Casa de Oro said...

We can only hope for some cooling rain and then aggressive, starving mosquitos.