Saturday, June 19, 2021

Graduation Pooling With The Tacoma Trio

Incoming photos from Washington arrived on my phone early this Saturday afternoon. Above we see the Tacoma Trio, David, Theo and Ruby, in their pool on Harstine Island. This was last week. They are heading back to the island tomorrow after David and Theo play their final football game of the season.

I did not know David and Theo had become footballers.

In addition to the pool picture there was photo documentation of the last day of school.

Above we see David ready to go to school on the last day of 6th grade.

 And Theo and Ruby heading out for their last day of 4th grade.  

As you can see, in Washington there is no such thing as a dress code for kids going to public school.

I remember the Texas dress code for public schools being one of the first culture shocks. Actually, now that you are causing me to think about it, this particular Texas culture shock shocked me prior to the move to Texas.

The individual who moved to Texas before I did had a 15 year old kid. I had arrived to check out the possibility of moving. I was tasked with driving the 15 year old to his first day of school in a Texas high school, in Fort Worth.

The kid was wearing clothes he had worn to Mount Vernon High School, in Washington.

An hour after dropping the kid off at his new school, a call came in informing that the kid could not come to school til properly attired. I went and picked him up, along with his skateboard and a list from the school listing appropriate attire.

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