Thursday, June 3, 2021

River Runs Through Wichita Falls Hamilton Park Waterpark

That which you see above is almost completed. I have been watching this under construction for over a year, as I bike north on the Circle Trail through Hamilton Park.

When this is completed it will be a water fountain playfield for kids. The photo does not show the shade awnings already installed above the fountain playfield. The shade awnings match those already installed above the avant garde climbing playground which came to life a couple years ago.

I biked to this location late yesterday, as in Wednesday, afternoon. As you can see, the sky is blue, free of clouds.

And yet, at this location, ironically with the fountains not yet active, I suddenly found myself pummeled by large rain drops. I turned around and saw some cloud action to the south and figured a strong wind blowing north must be delivering these odd drops. The rain did not last long.

Between the avant garde climbing playground and the soon to open fountain playfield there is a sort of plaza, made of bricks. Some of the bricks identify donors who made building this addition to Hamilton Park possible.

The brick plaza also provides an identifying plaque identifying the group which is behind this excellent addition to this Wichita Falls park.

The Wichita County Medical Alliance. A close up look at the identifying plaque...

"Physicians' families united to care."

Methinks on a HOT day when I find myself biking through Hamilton Park, if the water fountain playfield is not currently busy with kids having fun, I may do a quick cooling off ride through.

I suspect such may be doable quite soon...

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