Friday, June 18, 2021

A Few Days Before Summer HEAT Has Arrived In Texas

That's a screen shot from my phone you are seeing here, shot at 1:24 this Friday afternoon.

It was cooler than this when my bike took me on a ride this morning, but not all that much cooler.

Yesterday the temperature monitoring device in my motorized mechanical motion device claimed it was 103 degrees. I was driving the long mile to this town's one and only mall, to do some air conditioned interior walking.

On the way to the mall I saw a bank's temperature sign claiming it was 106 degrees.

I don't think some of these temperature takers are all that accurate.

I saw via the Seattle Times this morning that my old home zone is predicted to be hitting a record high today of 90.

The article made mention of the fact that most homes in Western Washington do not have air conditioning.

Western Washingtonians may not have air conditioning in every interior location, but they do have a lot of lakes and saltwater beaches, all of which will be packed with cool seekers today til the sun goes down and the temperature drops.

Western Washington naturally air conditions during a heat wave. It takes awhile though.

About three days.

The heat builds and then this thing called the Venturi Effect sends the heat over the mountains to Eastern Washington whilst sucking in cool air from the Pacific Ocean.

I was not a fan of heat waves when I was a Washingtonian. Back then I thought the upper 70s was HOT. The 80s unbearable. And those rare times in the 90s a nightmare. 

The HEAT was my number one worry about the move to Texas. At that point in time I did not know of the concept of acclimating.

When I return to Washington, now, in summer, I am cold for the entire stay. And never stay long enough to re-acclimate to that frigid climate... 

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