Monday, June 7, 2021

Joining Ducks & Fishing People On The Lake Wichita Boardwalk

The outer world was wet this morning at my location on the planet. A middle of the night thunderstorm dropped copious amounts of rain, resulting in floods of puddles rendering going on a bike ride or walking my usual locations to not be too doable.

And so I drove to the Lake Wichita Dam to do some walking where I knew serious puddling would not be an issue.

In the above photo documentation we are at the end of the Lake Wichita Boardwalk, looking east towards the top of the dam's spillway.

In a feat of construction engineering some Texas towns have trouble emulating, the Lake Wichita Boardwalk was built over actual water, taking about a year to complete.

Let's leave the Boardwalk and take a closer look at that aforementioned dam spillway.

Water was spilling over the spillway. But not too much. Those dots you see atop the spillway are ducks, which should give you a clue as to how slow the water was spilling over the spillway.

There were more people fishing today at the Lake Wichita Dam location than I've seen previously, including several fishing where the spillway spills into Holliday Creek.

And several were fishing from the fishing dock floating on Lake Wichita, as you can see via the below photo documentation.

I don't know what was making those streaks of white on the lake. Reflecting clouds? If it were winter I would say it looked like ice. 

In the distance, on the right, that is the Mount Wichita pseudo mini-volcano piercing the horizon. It has been a long time, I would guess well over a year, since I last hiked to the summit of Mount Wichita. The trails to the summit have eroded badly, making it look not to appealing to risk twisting an ankle, or worse.

If the Lake Wichita Revitalization ever becomes a reality, it would be a nice addition to build a lookout atop Mount Wichita, with a stairway taking one to the summit...

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