Friday, February 28, 2014

A HOT Last Day Of February In Texas Biking Arlington's River Legacy Park Mountain Bike Trails

This morning when I had my regularly scheduled hot tub hydrotherapy session the outer world was being heated to 41 degrees at my location.

Now, with now being a few minutes past three in the afternoon of the last day of the second month of 2014 the outer world has added 40 degrees to this morning's 41, with both my computer based temperature monitoring device and my smart phone temperature monitoring device telling me we have hit 81 degrees.

This can't be healthy for living organisms, this back and forth with the temperature extremes that seems to have become the Texas norm.

However, even though we froze for a few days, after the last hot spill, the freezing has not seemed to have affected the incoming spring greening up process, as witnessed by the picture you see here of my bike's handlebars looking at a lot of green whilst sitting on a River Legacy Park mountain bike trail.

Yes, I had myself a mighty fine time, again, today rolling my wheels for a mile or two or twelve in River Legacy Park.

Judging by all the fellow wheel rollers I saw today the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails have grown quite popular.

A busy day on these trails used to occur only on Saturday and Sunday. Today an Arlington mountain bike cop was on the trails.

Issuing tickets to those not wearing the required helmet?

I have no idea.

I was not stopped for any mountain bike trail infraction. I think my only possible trail ticket generator might be for pedaling too slow, judging by all the speed demons who asked to pass me.

During the couple minutes it has taken my to type this blogging we have added two more degrees to today's totaling. 83 degrees. At my old home location in Western Washington this would be considered a horrific heat wave.

In Texas 83 degrees presents a pleasant opportunity to open the windows....

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