Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Enjoying 82 Degrees While Watching Fort Worth Fire Weather

We're having a heat wave, a Tropical Heat Wave.

Well, the heat is blowing in from the south, which is the direction of the Tropics, so I guess I may be using poetic license to call this hot 4th Tuesday of the 2nd month of 2014 a Tropical Heat Wave.

Based on the info gleaned from my computer based weather monitoring device I am thinking rather than a Tropical Heat Wave the proper name for today's weather condition is Fire Weather.

I do not recollect being on a Fire Weather Watch before.

It seems like only a week ago, give or take a day, that the temperature at my location on the planet was about 70 degrees colder than today.

I never got to experience these type weather swings during my years of living in Washington, where the temperature is always moderated by being so close to a big mass of water called an ocean.

Looking at the forecast it appears that the Fire Weather will likely be leaving by tomorrow, with the arrival of incoming precipitation in rain form,.

I like my precipitation coming in rain form, rather than frozen form....

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