Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Saturday Tandy Hills Hoodoo Resurrection Before Going To Town Talk With Connie D

I was back on the Tandy Hills on this 3rd Saturday of the 2nd month of 2014 and once again I found the Tandy Hills Hoodoo has once again risen from the grave, making this latest iteration Tandy Hills Hoodoo IV.

Tandy Hills Hoodoo IV looks to be a bit tipsy, what with its biggest component being its midsection, with the base nearly as narrow as the top.

By tipsy I did not mean the use of the word which indicates alcoholic inebriation, but rather the meaning of the tipsy word which indicates some object appears to be a bit precarious, as in, easily tipped over.

Today I saw a greater number of Tandy Hills hill hikers than any other previous day, other than a Manly Men Wild Women day or a Prairie Fest day, those being days when the hills are infested with hikers.

I had three unleashed dog encounters today, from three different human contingents. All the dogs were friendly, but I really do not like getting dog swarmed when I am basking in the glow of endorphin bliss.

Saturday started off with an extremely salubrious hot tub hydrotherapy session that I think was of a vigorous enough nature that it went aerobic and thus induced some endorphins. Today's high speed hill hiking definitely induced more endorphins.

By the time I got to Town Talk, post-Tandy Hills, I was at an extremely high level of blissful endorphin sedation.

I expected to see Fort Worth's Connie D today at Town Talk due to an email I got last night from Facebook in which I was informed that Connie D  had mentioned me on Facebook, as follows...

Connie wrote: "Fun! I am running by Town Talk tomorrow if it kills me. I haven't been in a year and Durango Jones posts about what he gets have been driving me crazy."

Connie D's Facebook comment mentioning me and Town Talk was in reply to a Facebook post by Mr. Old where Mr. Old mentioned that for Valentine's Day Mr. and Mrs. Old had lunched at the new Waters seafood restaurant before going treasure hunting at Town Talk. The Olds are a very young couple for having such an old name.

As for Town Talk, I did not find Connie D among the treasures today.

I did not have much luck with the Town Talk treasure hunting today. I only got a couple blocks of sharp cheese, a bag of sirloin burgers, a bag of granola, a pack of chorizo and maybe a thing or two I am forgetting right now.

I may be back to check on the newly resurrected Tandy Hills Hoodoo tomorrow. Then again I feel drawn to the River Legacy Park mountain bike trails....


cd0103 said...

I didn't go. Grrrr. My friend, who I thought was not going to stop by on her way home, decided to stop so I could visit with her daughter. SO, good reason but.. GRRRR

Stenotrophomonas said...

I think that's at least Hoodoo VIII or IX. There's been several short lived hoodoos and then some modified ones. There was a hoodoo Thursday afternoon that may or may not have been exactly the one there Saturday.
It's probably the wind, or maybe very small fracquakes that has destroyed most of the previous hoodoo incarnations. Surely if the Hills are full of mad Mormon scoutmasters, one of us would have caught them by now.