Monday, February 17, 2014

A Tandy Hills President's Day Hike With A Toppled Hoodoo

I was back on the Tandy Hills today for my annual President's Day hike.

Hours before my annual President's Day hike I had my annual President's Day hot tub hydrotherapy session with the added bonus of having my first successful swimming pool bout of the new year, with two pool dips of duration long enough that actual swimming took place before escaping back to the warmth of the hot tub.

On my last visit to the Tandy Hills, two days ago, I came upon what I thought was Tandy Hills Hoodoo IV.

Tandy Hills frequent hiker Stenotrophomonas then informed that there had been rises and falls of Hoodoos that I had not seen, with Stenotrophomonas estimating that the Saturday Tandy Hills Hoodoo was Hoodoo number VIII or IX.

Well, whatever number that Saturday Hoodoo was, by President's Day it was a toppled Hoodoo, the remains of which you see above.

A forensic exam of a couple of the previous fallen Hoodoos made me think the destruction was manmade, due to the fact that the boulders from which the Hoodoos had been constructed had been thrown around, helter skelter.

A forensic exam of this latest fallen Hoodoo seems to indicate it toppled by natural means, with the boulders appearing in order on the ground, toppled likely by the means by which Stenotrophomonas thought the Hoodoos have toppled, that being either from the wind or fracquakes. We have had a lot of wind blowing lately. And fracquakes, though I don't know if any have shaken the Tandy Hills zone.

Anyway, I had myself a mighty fine time on this mighty fine President's Day with about an hour of high speed hill hiking.

And now I am hungry.

My annual President's Day lunch is in the oven. Chile relleno casserole, corn bread with diced poblano, cole slaw and beans. Everyone knows this was George Washington's favorite lunch, hence it being on my President's Day menu....

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