Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rolling My Wheels At Gateway Park Again Before Leaving Town Talk With Way Too Many Dollars

Those are not my handlebars hovering above a green lake you are looking at in the picture.

Those are my handlebars hovering above a green Trinity River in Gateway Park you are looking at in the picture.

I had myself such a mighty fine time rolling my wheels at Gateway Park yesterday I decided to go for a repeat today.

As you can see clouds have returned to North Texas. Along with fog.

Yesterday's temperature was a record breaker at my location on the planet. I think 84 was the degree we reached. With so much warmth heating up the outer world I was able to have my first real swim of the new year, this morning.

After a few miles of rolling my wheels, since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to visit Town Talk. I got myself a few interesting items, such as sirloin burgers, a Cuban root vegetable called, I think, Malanga, garlic naan and chili sauce.

Checking out of Town Talk was an adventure today. The checkout lady forgot to clear the previous transaction. That added $234.63 to the $12.40 worth of stuff I bought. Neither of us noticed before the card was swiped. Unable to undo the transaction the checkout lady re-did my transaction, did the transaction like I'd given her cash in the amount of $247.03 and gave me the $234.63, in cash, that had erroneously been deducted from my card.

I am not used to paying for stuff the old-fashioned method, using actual money. I'll likely figure it out.

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