Thursday, February 27, 2014

Walking Around Fort Worth's Fosdick Lake With A Smart Phone Making Me Feel Less Stupid

After 24 hours, give or take an hour or two, using a smart phone is not making me feel as stupid as it made me feel yesterday.

My only real remaining vexation is I don't see how people manage to type text on a touch screen so rapidly.

I am a total fumble fingers when it comes to typing on a touch screen. I can not detect it getting better with practice.

Today I took the first phone "selfie" of myself, which became a new vexation in addition to the typing text vexation.

It is easy to aim the phone at oneself. What is not easy is holding the phone with one hand whilst trying to touch the take a picture part of the touch screen.

I do not think taking "selfies" is going to be something I'm going to be doing with any regularity.

Years ago, way back in the last century, my first digital camera was a now antique Casio brand taker of very bad photos. That camera's one novel feature was one could spin the lens around and aim it at oneself, which I used to take pictures of myself at some special places.

Just a sec, I'll go find one of those antique Casio "selfies" I took way back in the previous century.

That is Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in Utah behind me in the "selfie". I do not remember who that is standing beside me.

I forgot to mention, in that photo at the top, that is Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas behind me.

I'd had myself a mighty fine time on my regularly scheduled hot tub hydrotherapy session this morning, enjoying the sub-freezing air. When the noon time time rolled around I felt the need for a walk in the then semi-chilled air.

Very pleasant.

I don't think I've ever seen so many Fosducks in Fosdick Lake before. I think I said the same thing the last time I saw the Fosducks. The duck population appears to be in the 100s. That is a lot of ducks. I forgot to bring them any duck food today, but there were a couple other humans who were more considerate than I, tossing vittles to the throng of quackers.

Back to the subject of the smart phone. Yesterday I could not figure out how to get a photo off the phone and on to my computer, other than the convoluted method of emailing it to myself. I figured there had to be a better way. I figured correctly.

A little Googling told me to plug the provided USB cable into the phone then open "Notifications".

Notifications? I had no idea what that was. Additional Googling told me to swipe the screen from the top to bring up "Notifications". After doing so I saw the notification that a media device was attached.  A folder opened which was just like the way I used to get pictures off my old Olympus camera.

So now I'm thinking I'm not going to be hauling my digital camera with me all the time, because the phone is now a suitable backup should a photo op arise unexpectedly.

Just remembered, I need to go check in on a Puerto Rican cat I am babysitting....

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