Saturday, June 5, 2021

Hoping To Overcome My Wichita Falls Grand Buffet Phobia

 I saw that which you see above, last night, on Facebook. The Grand Buffet-Wichita Falls announcing "Our Dining Room is now OPEN!"

This announcement seemed to be, to me, a bit out of sync with observed reality.

The Grand Buffet is on Kemp Boulevard. I drive by its location frequently. It is about a half mile distant from my abode.

For months I have been surprised to see the Grand Buffet's parking lot being home to a lot of vehicles, and have seen people entering the restaurant's entry.

Seeing such had me wondering how one does a buffet during these troubling pandemic times.

I have long had a neurotic paranoid obsession when it comes to buffets. No matter where the buffet is located. Texas,  California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, or my old home zone.

The idea of sharing a food scooping device with strangers has long unsettled me. So, before I subject myself to a buffet line I arm myself with napkins to wrap around the food scooping devices. I have long wondered why it were not the case, and wished it were reality, that prior to going through a buffet line, the buffet provided disposable gloves to the buffeteers.

I see, via the screencap above, that the Grand Buffet post on Facebook was a video.

I did not make note of that fact, and thus did not click on the video.

Maybe the video explained what virus spread prevention measures are in place, if any...

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