Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring 2017 Non Existent Trinity River Vision Bridge Debacle UPDATE

Earlier, when I blogged about the Trinity River Vision Authority Live Look At Bridges Not Being Built & Other Nonsense. I said my original intention had been to check out the latest TRVA UPDATE via the Trinity River Vision Authority website.

But, I  found so many pitifully bizarre items, such as live cams showing non-progress of America's Biggest Boondoggle, along with pitifully bizarre propaganda on a page titled PANTHER ISLAND BRIDGES - PROGRESS IN MOTION that I did not get around to the equally pitifully bizarre Trinity River Vision UPDATE til now.

That is the cover of the Spring 2017 Trinity River Vision UPDATE you see above. Below is the table of contents.

The contents in the Spring 2017 Trinity River Vision UPDATE include more than the insipidness listed in the above contents. Such as one page titled UPDATE OF PANTHER ISLAND BRIDGES which explains in detail why the construction of those bridges has been stalled for over a year, stalled since the Spring 2016 Trinity River Vision UPDATE.

Obviously I jest, there is not one word about the year of zero bridge construction progress.  All we get is idiotic propaganda,  apparently aimed at what the Boondoggle assumes are the easily duped Fort Worth masses.

All this important document tells us about the stalled bridges is "Contractor installs portions of the steel bars on one of the Henderson Street signature V-piers." And "Work continues on the bridge abutments on Henderson Street and White Settlement."

I assume a cartoon figure was used to illustrate a contractor moving dirt because no actual contractor has been working on the bridges for over a year.

How much money does the Tarrant Regional Water District and its crippled step-child, the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision spend on these ridiculous propaganda productions, both in print and in webpage form?

Are there no responsible, sensible adults anywhere in this operation? How is this type nonsense going to print and then into people's mailboxes without someone with common sense intervening?

This type propaganda touting imaginary accomplishments is what the old Soviet Union used to do, lying to the Soviet people about the wonderful accomplishments of their Soviet government, til it all came crashing down.

When will Fort Worth come to its senses and put an end to this nonsense?

You can check out the entire Spring 2017 Trinity River Vision Update yourself to read a pitiful self serving message from J.D. Granger's mama, and learn all about last winter's Panther Island Ice Rink Season, plus all the events at Panther Island Pavilion, where there is no island or pavilion, along with a look at the TRVA Construction Zone, but not the stalled bridge construction. There is an announcement about the important news of the newly-redesigned website, and the announcement of this year's date for the TRWD Flyfest, whatever that is (some sort of festival celebrating the flies attracted to the Trinity River?) and an important public service section with Trinity Trails Safety Tips to help you stay safe on those incredibly dangerous Trinity Trails.

Again, how much money is wasted on this nonsense?

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